Trading News and Data Releases with Binary Options

News and data releases provide binary option traders with a variety of opportunities, few for the faint-hearted, if you fall into this category we suggest stopping here.

News releases are often when the big market moves occur, particularly when traders are taken by surprise. In recent times we think back to the UK “Brexit” referendum and the US election Donald Trump victory. Economic indicators are key data releases which provide information to traders and investors about the general health of the economy.

John Rambo trader

John Rambo: preparing for battle!

The most influential key economic indicators are the Consumer Price Index (CPI), Gross Domestic Product (GDP), interest rates decisions and the US non-farm payroll (NFP) figures. These indicators not only create volatility across ALL forex and stock markets around the world after their release but have a lasting impact on the overall longer term trend.

Binary options traders can use these economic indicators to help base their trading decisions. The release of this data can provide particularly good opportunities for short-term traders to make FAST profits.

Gold Brexit news release

Intraday move in Gold during the UK Brexit referendum

Trading binary options before and after major news or data releases can be highly risky but very rewarding. This style of trading is not for everyone!

“Embrace volatility, retire early.”

One potentially profitable strategy is taking short and fast momentum trades on the immediate market reaction, perhaps with 30 or 60 second options. Another is purchasing longer term (1-24 hour) options when the data released significantly deviates from the market and economist expectations.

If this style of trading appeals to you we suggest reading through our 2017 list of best Binary Option brokers.

And please share your best news and data release trading tips and strategies with us below

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