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Binary Options Trading Basics

Below is a screenshot from the Zentrader Binary Options platform. The layout is typical of most binary options trading platforms.

Zentrader Binary Options Platform

Will EUR/USD be higher or lower in the next 15 minutes?

Binary options trading in most cases is fairly straightforward. Traders select an asset (for example EUR/USD, gold etc), a time frame and a direction.

At the end of the time frame if the trader’s prediction is correct, they will receive a payout of typically 180-190%.

Try the Zentrader platform demo here!

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Can you make money trading?

There is no definitive rule in trading. There is no right or wrong. There is only one thing that defines one trader from the next, and that’s success. Patience, Discipline and Control are usually the key elements to successful trading.

Trading is great way to make money, and often fast money. We’re not saying it’s always easy and for those looking to make life changing amounts of money you will most likely need to put in hard work to succeed in trading.

As the saying goes: “plan the trade, trade the plan.”

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