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Binary Option Scams

Are All Binary Option Brokers a Scam?

Most certainly not! It all comes down to the broker you are trusting with your money (or mis-trusting in some instances). Here at BinaryScore we complete comprehensive reviews and investigations of all binary options brokers in the market. We do the heavy-lifting so you don’t have to, but we also rely on the trading community to report information on scammers:


Binary Option Robots, Secret Systems and “Methods” (e.g. The Aussie Method, The Oxford Method)

These are a relatively new phenomenon in the binary options market. We are still putting together some detailed posts on this topic but our advice is to AVOID ALL OF THEM as 95%+ are scams designed to steal your money.

Either the software they give you will DELIBERATELY LOSE MONEY after a certain period of time or the scammers will have partnered with or created a FAKE BROKER where it is impossible to withdraw your money and they will stop answering your calls.

Binary Option ScamsThe Aussie Method – SCAM ALERT!

Who Are The Regulators?

Binary option brokers are supervised and regulated by the likes of ASIC (Australia), the FCA (UK) and the  SEC & CFTC (USA). These are the most reputable regulatory bodies with the highest standards. Other (less-reputable) regulators include the MFSA in Malta, CySEC located in Cyprus, the FSB in South Africa, and NBS, CNB in the EU.

ASIC (Aus), FCA (UK) and SEC / CFTC (USA) are the most respected regulators

There are and endless list of Binary options brokers for a trader to choose from, but only a select few are fully regulated and trust-worthy. The unfortunate truth is that the majority of brokers are based out of countries with very relaxed regulations that allow organisations with a small amount of capital to start up Binary options brokerage, this means that traders are exposed to a brokers ‘business risk’ as well as your ‘investment risk’ when trading.

Imagine going to the bank and not being able to withdraw your money. Come to think of it, didn’t that happen recently in… Cyprus? You get our drift….

Anonymous Traders Binary Options ScamAnonymous Traders SCAM – give us a break!

How We Assess Broker Credibility?

Segregates client funds so that those funds cannot be used by the brokerage
Has insurance policies to protect traders against business failure
Broker has their own money in the bank or a high amount of net tangible assets
Staff are certified and trained to provide general, informed advice
Directors and Key Persons have years of experience in the industry

ASIC Regulated Brokers

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2017 Binary Option Scams

Unfortunately, as there is so much money in Binary Options trading it has attracted all types of scammers and schemes designed to STEAL and ROB you of your capital. There is also strong evidence of involvement by international crime syndicates. Binary Options reached new levels of popularity in 2016 and this looks to continue into 2017. Scams are one area that we will focus on in detail into the new year.

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